There are three different options for the Volunteer 5-week component of the program. We attempt to match each student with the opportunity that best fits her/his interests.

Fundación Instituto San José

The FISJ is a non-profit founded 170 years ago, that runs both a special education school and a hospital treating children and adult patients with disabilities and those who need treatment for rehabilitation, palliative care, and/or have been involved in car accidents. Students who choose this option will have the opportunity to contribute with their work to a different area each week, gaining a broad understanding of how they can improve the lives of diverse populations facing vital challenges.


In cooperation with the Department of Physiotherapy, the VAS team will select service learning opportunities that will allow participants to contribute to improving human health for individuals including the elderly, children, and adults with a sedentary lifestyle. Through volunteering students will get a sense of the challenges faced by patients, and how these could be addressed and prevented.

Human Health Favicon.png

urban and rural sustainability

In cooperation with the School of Architecture, the VAS team will help participants contribute to changing urban & rural infrastructures that pose challenges to lesser-privileged populations. Through their work, students will be able to gain a better understanding of how to improve living environments, for an equitable sustainable future where both urban and rural populations co-exist.

You read and hear about persons in terrible situations, and don’t understand how such bad things could happen. My experience working with the elderly has helped me understand how we can help improve life for them and change things for the future.
— Marta, 2018