These experiential work projects are addressed, during the last 5 weeks of the semester, by teams of students under the guidance of successful professionals, specialists, professors and mentors

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Teams are asked to suggest a solution for one specific real-life issue, under the following approach: We employ state-of-the art science and technology and our creativity, while ensuring each individual is treated as a worthy human being.


Digital technologies

Center for family studies

UFV-Santander’s Institute for Social Responsibility 


Renewable energy sources

Health sciences

Engineering and logistics


Workshops with specialists, visits to relevant sites, and work sessions under the guidance of a project mentor


Teams will address one of the following issues,

  • Suggesting affordable changes to environments and facilities, to promote learning for at-risk students

  • Diminishing urban barriers that hinder mobility for elderly and challenged populations

  • Making rural settings appealing to younger workers, addressing the depopulation of Spain’s smaller towns and “pueblos”

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