Each semester we will adapt our course offerings to best fulfill the overall interests and needs of participants
— Bri Valencia, Experiential Transitions Supervisor


The workplace is a highly meaningful context for intercultural communication where persons who come from different countries, identify with different ethnic groups or speak different languages get to collaborate and develop relationships with one another. But the current global world demands that learning to interact with persons of different cultural backgrounds starts way before the start of our professional life (Campbell, Nittaya, 2016, Ethnocentrism and intercultural willingness to communicate, Department of Management Communication, University of Waikato, New Zealand).

SOCIAL ISSUES IN THE UNITED STATES AND EUROPE: different approaches to solving similar challenges

The economic and political structures of the US and the EU are very different and, as a result, confronting and solving similar social issues requires very different strategies. Learning the advantages and disadvantages of these systems and understanding how to navigate them will be a valuable asset for any individual who lives and or works in/with one of the two countries.