A transformative experience designed to help high school graduates realize their potential and define goals in life, gaining personal and professional perspective through immersion in Spain's cultural, economic and social contemporary environment.


Developed by international educators at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (UFV) these experiential semesters align with the institutional mission of building a university community of people who seek truth and goodness, providing them with the education and leadership skills that will enable them to promote a transformation of society and culture based on Christian principles. 

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Fall and Spring semesters designed to provide learning and an introduction to professional fields through experience, while raising personal awareness and social sensibility: The program is based on volunteer work, experiential projects, meaningful travel, academic courses and language learning. Some participants could choose to earn university credits, through a slightly more academic track.

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An innovative program, within the EU context, combining experiential and academic components shaped to maximize the acquisition of global competencies. These semesters have been designed to meet the accreditation standards of the Gap Year Association (USA). A more academically-focused track, granting higher education credits, could be made available to candidates who are proficient in Spanish.

These are the components of our semester programs:

Volunteer       Work Projects       Meaningful Travel       Courses        Language Learning